Timber and Aluminium both have their advantages, and we have merged them together in one product.

Although Woodform loves timber, it does have limitations, particularly when it comes to weight and surviving the elements.Aluminium has long been an alternative to timber for screening solutions, weighing much less and having a much better fire rating than timber battens. 

Woodform has brought the two choices together with our new Aluminium wraps range. Timber Veneer or Foil wraps are wrapped around aluminium battens, giving the look and feel of real timber but at reduced cost and weight. 

The guide details how best to use timber veneer and vinyl wrapped aluminium, along with the advantages and recommended uses for each. Interior and Exterior uses are covered, and our entire colour range is inside. 

Download today to see how wrapped aluminium can be used on your next project, or even request your own sample kit below.





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