Making Sustainability Easy

Woodform is committed to sustainable building practices to ensure the long term

survival of our planet with minimal environmental impact. We have sourced responsibly

harvested timber from carefully managed resources so you can create sustainable

building projects with ease.  


American White Oak 

Imported from eastern USA, architects utilise American White Oak for its strength

as this hard and heavy timber is ideal for structural designs. 


Spotted Gum 

Spotted Gum is a premium Australian hardwood. Readily available from Located in northeast Victoria to the northern areas of Queensland.


Victorian Ash 

Usually a straight grain, Victorian Ash is found in elevated areas of Victoria,Tasmania and New South Wales on carefully monitored plantations.                                       


Burnt Ash 

By thermally modifying Woodform's Burnt Ash, movement in the timber can be reduced by 70%, providing excellent properties for exterior use.




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