See, touch and feel these unique and interesting finishes that can be achieved with American White Oak.


Band Sawn 

The timber is first profiled into the desired shape, it is then run through a band saw which lightly takes off the surface creating a unique fine sawn texture with the blade stroke across the width of the board.


Wire Brushing 

American White Oak is first profiled into the shape and size required, then run through steel brushes. The depth of the effect can be controlled by a combination of the pressure and speed of the brushes.



One of the greatest attributes of American White Oak is the ease with which it accepts a wide range of stains while the distinctive grain texture always comes through, ever maintaining its trademark identity.



Often American White Oak is used in its natural form. By providing sufficient thickness to the sealer in order to fill the coarse grain and then sanding it smooth and applying a clear top coat, a beautifully smooth polished effect can be achieved. 


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