Form, function and detailing are the three most important aspects of contemporary architecture today.


There are few aspects of external architecture that require more time and attention than the detailing of the humble external corner. It is at this point where the overall form of the building can be emphasized by expressing the outline.

But not only is the form important, but the function of a corner is critical. The highest risk of water penetration through the façade occurs at this point.

Clever detailing takes into account both the intended form of the building, as well as the functional requirements of the corner and seamlessly provides a solution for both. The beauty of well executed detailing is the harmonious combination of form and function without compromising the outcome of either.

This free download contains CAD sections and details that show how leading architects have achieved beautiful and functional results in their external cladding.

Use the form at right to download now and apply these tried and tested techniques to your next exterior cladding project.

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