Building projects in the hospitality sector are designed to create an atmosphere, to make anyone who interacts with the place feel comfortable. Some of our favourite projects have had this at the heart of their design intent, however sometimes other factors must be considered. 


The hospitality sector is constantly growing, the food and beverage industry employs almost 800,000 Australians, which is roughly 7.4% of the total workforce. 

Revenue from the food industry is expected to reach $70.6 Billion by FY2020/2021, and with that growth comes a huge number of new projects in the sector. 

Woodform is committed to making specifying easier for designers, and our new design and specification tool Sculptform is a huge step toward that goal.

Sometimes visualising and designing purely for aesthetics can have unforeseen consequences. Certain factors must be considered when using timber in the hospitality sector. 


To help you keep in mind some common pitfalls when specifying timber, we have created our latest Ebook - '3 Considerations when specifying timber in food service areas'. 




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