During our recently held webinar on "Understanding Maintenance of Exterior Timber Cladding," we asked our audience what they liked and disliked about being an architect. Here are some of our favourite responses. 

  • "I love solving problems and wearing bulldog clips to hold my hair back when things get sweaty."
  • "The like: I get to see ideas come to life. The not like: I get to see not-so-good ideas come to life."
  • "The good: working with people’s dreams. The bad: sometimes with their nightmares."
  • "Being with the client on the day of handover for their new home, reminiscing on the journey of the project. Always satisfying to receive a 'thank you' card in the mail once the client has settled in their new home."
  • "I became an architect because I grew up in a house with no plasterboard and where we never had to turn the lights on during the day. So what I love about being an architect is being able to encourage people to interact with and be aware of their surroundings so they're not simply 'in' any building—if it’s a nice day, turn the lights off and open the curtains. … But hopefully, as a profession, we can make architecture more available to the general population so that they can live better in their living rooms."
  • "I was 8 years old when my father, a builder, asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I said I want to be an architect. Why, he asked. Because that way I can tell you what I want, Dad. … I love working as part of a team to build a project and see the ideas come to life. And l don't like change for the sake of change."
  • "Love being an architect so that I have a chance to win a great prize. Hate being an architect when someone else wins the prize :)"
  • "Love being able to see materials and know what is out there. Hate how every other family member knows more about kitchen designs than I would…"
  • "The only thing wrong with being an architect is clients and builders!"

Why I became an architect infographic