With the ABC’s War on Waste calling for firm action to improve our approach to recycling and address our love affair with waste, it is timely we are talking all things aluminium this week and its increasing popularity as the ultimate recyclable building material.

At Woodform Architectural,  aluminium  is a  favoured  material and our External Foil Wraps - designed to look like timber with all the benefits of  aluminium  - are often described as the James Bond villain of the construction world – it just won’t die! 

And what’s not to love?

With its incredible strength to weight ratio and Group 1 Fire Rating - the highest fire-resistance rating available – aluminium fits an array of applications across our product range.

Under the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australia (EWPAA) fire resistance requirements, solid timber can attain a Group 3 fire rating. There is currently no coating application in Australia that can elevate it to a Group 1 or 2, however, timber-veneered aluminium Concept Click battens can be accredited with a Group 1 rating under the EWPAA rating system.

Fire ratings aside aluminium certainly packs a punch in the environmental stakes and minimising our carbon footprint is something we are very much committed to at Woodform. Our aluminium products require zero maintenance, come with a 10-year warranty and our latest range is designed to withstand the tough Australian environments, particularly fire-prone regions. In addition, our aluminium range also reduces the total cost of a product, as only a thin layer of the desired material is wrapped around the substrate.

Foil Wrapped Aluminium Woodform Architectural


Sustainability is important at Woodform and aluminium wraps provide for a more efficient use of our natural resources. For example, in the case of timber veneers, one cubic metre of a tree trunk can yield approximately 1000 square metres of veneer. The positive environmental impact of using such a material is huge, and we are committed to being at the forefront of aluminium usage and educating our clients on associated benefits.

Specifically, we now have the capability of wrapping ultra-thin materials, including timber, veneers, and foils over our aluminium profiles, while maintaining a natural timber look. This technology gives us the ability to leverage the reliability of sustainable materials such as aluminium, while replicating another (timber in this case).

Timber is the perennial pleaser and we know our customers love its visual attributes, however in some areas – particularly high fire danger – it is not practical, recommended or even allowed. This is where our External Foil Wrap Range really shines!

As the ultimate recyclable product, our aluminium range importantly meets both the environmental and visual needs of our most discerning customers.

There is little doubt aluminium is king at Woodform, and with a range varying from real timber veneer wraps to powder coating and anodising, this ultimate recyclable material can be used as an alternative to timber or as a feature in itself.

Aluminium Batten Ceiling

Visit our website for full details of this range, which also includes suitable interior products, and discover designs where aluminium ticks all the boxes for your project, including the visual.

To view our wrapped aluminium guide and see the options that aluminium provides, click here.

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