This week on the blog we’re discussing how to decide between aluminium or timber products for your build or renovation project and we’ve created a nifty set of flow charts to help navigate the process.

Choosing between timber and aluminium here at Woodform is like picking our favourite child – it’s a tough gig!

There’s a huge range of options to choose from and an abundance of information around aluminium and timber, which can often overwhelm, so our aim here is to demystify the process and ease your pain.

If you’re in the building or design industry you’ll know interior uses of timber and aluminium require a specific set of considerations, and although these products are protected from the elements they are often much closer to where we live. Our interior flow chart will guide you through these important considerations.

Inforgraphic - Timber Vs Aluminium

Similarly, our guide for exterior uses of aluminium and timber considers factors exclusive to the outdoors, like UV exposure and silvering timber. 

When making a choice for external and internal products we have taken the guesswork out of the equation with some facts around aluminium versus timber, and which products are best in relation to fire rating, providing a timber look you desire and performance in a high moisture environment.

There are many indicators here which place aluminium as the clear winner in this decision-making process, however at Woodform we are passionate about our timber products and maintaining the natural beauty timber brings to an architectural design.

This is why we have developed a guide for external timber use, which you can find here.


Infographic - Timber Vs Aluminium

*Woodform emphasises that only timbers which are rated the appropriate BAL rating should be used in external projects. Contact our customer happiness team for assistance. 

When it comes to the many benefits of using aluminium products it’s no secret we love the extensive range on offer and over at last week’s blog you’ll discover why we love it and just how aluminium has become the ultimate recyclable building material (read the blog here).


Wrapped aluminium is a great way to utilise the strengths of aluminium while achieving a timber look. Check out our wrapped aluminium guide here. 

In the end, the choice is yours when it comes to aluminium or timber products for exterior and interior use and we hope our nifty guides have provided clarity for your build or refurbishment project.

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