The Sydney International Convention Centre is a demonstration of creating world-class facilities while maintaining an authentic Australian look. 

The project itself is enormous, with the upper and lower exhibition halls combined space being equal to 26 Olympic swimming pools. Capable of holding 30,000 patrons in three separate events, the ICC takes the cake as Australia's best event facility. 

To combat the overbearing nature of such a massive structure, designers Hassel and Populous combined to incorporate materials that not only originated in Australia but also represent the Australian lifestyle. Spotted Gum timber battens were used throughout the project to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Woodform Architectural is immensely proud to have been involved in the project, so we have detailed some of the design choices which make the ICC a fantastic space. 

Lobby Feature

The entrance to the ICC is home to one of the most extraordinary features in the entire centre. The designers of this space used Woodform's Peak batten profile in Spotted Gum in an unconventional way. 

Traditionally our Peak profiled battens have been used in sequences to create an effect. However, Hassel and Populous took this to a new level by turning the entire wall into a sequence. Sections of the wall are using battens where the Peak all faces the same way - however the direction which the Peak faces changes in certain areas (detailed below). This creates an effect where the look of the battens changes depending on where they are observed from. This technique is particularly effective in a space where patrons are expected to move from one end to the other like this lobby, as it gives them a full range of how the timber can look. 


Curved Wall Feature

Curved walls have been a  favourite of ours for a while now, and none more than this internal circular feature. Using Woodform Architectural's curved track, the designers were able to create a batten sequence which spanned the entire circumference of the feature, opening up to a huge skylight and allowing natural light to flood the area below. 

The Theatre

Another incredible feature which incorporates Woodform's Concept Click system is the Entertainment Theatre. Seating up to 9000 guests, the theatre features a fan-shaped layout which provides unobstructed views to the stage. 

Spotted Gum, a classic Australian timber, was used in the theatre to create a warm, relaxing environment for the patrons. Hassel and Populous again used the Concept Click Peak profile in alternating positions to create amazing effects on the walls and ceilings. 

Woodform is proud to have been involved in all of these sections of Sydney's new International Convention Centre - If you feel like we fit the needs of your project, please call us on 1800 008 828.


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