The acoustic properties of a wall or ceiling are often the last thing noticed - however throughout its lifetime these properties could prove the most important. 


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Depending on the environment it is used in, a feature wall or ceiling's acoustic requirements vary greatly. To ensure these requirements are met, it is vital to design appropriately. The key to designing with acoustics in mind is having all the relevant information, which is where Sculptform proves its worth. 

Sculptform is Woodform Architectural's tool, created to streamline the specification and tendering process by providing real-time pricing and specification information. Acoustic data is the newest addition to Sculptform's ever-growing repertoire. 

Sculptform provides an estimated NRC rating for any custom sequence created. An NRC (Noise Rating Coefficient) rating is the average of the sound absorption coefficients for a specific material and mounting condition of frequencies of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz. These frequencies are chosen explicitly as human conversation typically falls into this range.

NRC is intended to be a simplified rating of the acoustic properties of a material used in a certain way, for in-depth acoustical analysis further tests may be required. 

Using minimal information provided by the user such as the amount of batts used, the cavity behind the sequence and the materials used, Sculptform can accurately provide an NRC rating. This rating changes in real time as the design changes. 

To aid the specification process Sculptform also provides cross-section diagrams of the sequence along with 3D renders. For those worried about how Sculptform can accurately measure the NRC of a feature wall or ceiling, a custom absorption table spanning from 100 to 5000 Hz is also provided (pictured below).


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