The design and specification process for wall and ceiling systems has always had its challenges. From spacing to deciding what materials to use, each decision has its own set of consequences whether it be price, acoustics, fire rating or aesthetic.

Making last minute changes to specification sheets while ensuring manufacturers and installers all understand the vision of the designer has long been a problem architects and interior designers have had to deal with.

 Sculptform is here to help.

The idea of a drag and drop visualisation tool which is both easy to use and accurate may seem like it is too good to be true – However that’s what Woodform Architectural has done. Sculptform is an online visualisation tool which allows users to drag and drop Concept Click battens to create any sequence they wish all while providing instant pricing and specification information which is easily exportable and user-friendly. Sculptform is here to make specifying wall and ceiling systems easier.


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Being able to visualise how a finished project will look is the first step toward making that project a reality. With traditional methods such as drawings and renders, a designer can communicate how their batten sequence will look from certain angles. Sculptform features a full 3d viewer which allows the batten sequence to come to life and be seen from all angles. Being able to see their design from above, below in front and even behind is an incredible tool to understand how a finished product will fit into a space. Elements of the sequence can be changed in seconds, swapping aluminium sizes or timber finishes is as easy as a few clicks. It can be easy to get carried away and create a design which fits your needs but not your budget, but Sculptform has a solution to that too.


The Creative Process


Often in the design process the overall vision does not entirely fit within the budget. Woodform understands this, and so has included within Sculptform an indicative pricing algorithm. Pricing in Sculptform updates instantly to reflect any changes in a design. Woodform offers free freight on all projects, eliminating the need to consider this in the budget of a project. Different timbers, species, finishes and spacing all have a huge effect on pricing and therefore can be managed to fit a sequence into a budget. This allows for fast testing of different materials to ensure they fit within all the design parameters for a specific project. Comparing different timber species or spacing options often is the catalyst for further inspiration, and users end up with a revamped version of their original idea. Woodform encourages inspiration through experimentation, offering free sample kits to help with any design decisions.


Behind the Scenes Algorithms

As well as indicative pricing, Sculptform has a lot more going under the hood than meets the eye. Woodform Architectural together with Inhabit Group Inc have designed and will soon implement an acoustics algorithm which updates in real time, providing acoustic ratings for each design. The algorithm considers the thickness of the batten, spacing between them, whether the design has acoustic backing and much more to deliver an estimate of the acoustic rating the custom batten sequence will deliver. This feature was built to save designers time, keeping them up to date will all the characteristics of their design as it changes while they build. All this information can then be exported in a detailed specification sheet ready to be included on a project.


Easy to use

Sculptform is for everybody. From the creative director of the biggest agency to students just beginning their professional journey, everyone can create their own designs and see how they will look once constructed. Sculptform is about allowing Freedom of Expression and allowing those who wish to bring their creations into the world to do so.With the indicative pricing feature and the ability to request a formal quote with one click, the designer is always kept informed on how their project fits within their budget. With Woodform offering free sample kits to offer the experience the touch and feel of the materials being used, the final result of an order placed with Sculptform holds no surprises.


Future Developments

The world of architectural and interior design is constantly evolving. To reflect this, Sculptform will be updated regularly with new products and features. A paid subscription featuring exclusive features and content will be available in the future, allowing designers to push their designs even further. Sculptform is the beginning of a revolution in design, no more paper shuffling or long drawn out phone calls, simply design your sequence and see it come to life. Woodform prides itself on enriching lives, and Sculptform is certainly a huge leap in the right direction. 

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