Download CAD Sections and Details to See How these Leading Architects Realised their Vision.

Concept Click Feature Wall Creating beautiful and unique timber linings is quite complex. The results are stunning, but the design and engineering behind them can be a nightmare to plan. In this helpful download you'll find CAD sections and details outlining how the following complex timber linings were realised.

Woods Bagot – Lining: "Organised Entanglement" Woods Bagot – Lining: "Organised Entanglement"

BVN Donovan Hill – Lining: "The Curve" BVN Donovan Hill – Lining: "The Curve"

Philip Leeson Architects – Lining: "The Fan Philip Leeson Architects – Lining: "The Fan"

 Group GSA – Lining: "The Fan" Group GSA – Lining: "The Fan"

Free Download: 5 Detailed Section Drawings

Click the following link to free download 5 detailed section drawings showing how to achieve these complex timber lining textures.