Concept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – Foyer The RACV Torquay building runs in a gentle but distinctive architectural curve on the edge of the golf course, and the impact of this is felt in every area of the interior. The interpretation of this architectural intent presented many challenges to the stakeholders, and was one of the deciding factors in the choice of a modular system like Concept Click for the ground floor ceilings. Aspen battens with a clear finish were the chosen texture for all ground floor common areas. The large scope of application meant that it had a significant impact on the overall architectural outcome, as well as on the ambient mood of the interiors. Concept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – Detail


The entire building follows a gentle curve which is transferred to the ceiling battens themselves, which are slightly raked, meaning that the ceiling system needed to be applied to a low cone shape. To meet this challenge the architect introduced a series of express joints across the ceiling width, creating segments which radiate around the curve. The ceiling battens were installed in full lengths between the express joints. The mounting tracks (Ontrax with pre-indexed clips) were installed according to the ceiling set out plan, followed by specially profiled battens which were trimmed to final length on-site and clicked into place. The entire installation process for the massive area was completed in an amazingly short time. Concept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – Staircase Area


The images speak for themselves, but the real life effect is truly stunning. The interior of the golf club is striking whilst also light and airy, providing a place for its patrons to spend quality time in relaxation. Well done Wood Marsh and Kane Constructions for an excellent project.


Concept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – LoungeConcept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – HallwayConcept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – Closeup Concept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – Dark HallwayConcept Click Aspen Ceiling Screen – Lift Lobby