Dome, Peak, Flute, and Block—four new unconventional timber batten shapes now out in the market that will relieve designers of the former tedium of having only standard rectangular profiles to choose from in the Concept Click Range.

Finally, designers can line walls and ceilings in more inventive timber-themed ways. In our previous blog, we extolled the design potential of how alternating just one of these new timber batten shapes (but in varying dimensions) within a single sequence could create distinctive surface patterns.

Open this window of opportunity a little bit more, however, and you can conceive even more avant-garde designs by also mixing and matching different timber batten shapes within a single sequence. It’s a provocative way to add complexity to ceiling and wall texture. 

All three examples below are of uncoated American White Oak battens. They offer you a glimpse into how the possible grouping patterns for timber batten sequences have just increased exponentially and are now limited only by your imagination.


Timber batten sequence: 42x32 mm (Peak), 42x19 mm (Block), 42x32 mm (Peak)

Concept Click Timber Sequence


Timber batten sequence: 19x32 mm (Block), 19x32 mm (Dome)

Timber Concept Click Sequence


Timber batten sequence: 32x60 mm (Dome), 60x19 mm (Flute)

Concept Click Timber Sequence