Parking Attendant’s Pavilion

French architect Jean-Luc Fugier has designed a contorted timber hut to house a parking ticket machine. The increased prevalence of outer fringe deposits at public transport locations required a prototype solution to streamline the payment process for speed and efficiency and temporary housing for the employee on duty. the form's rectilinear footprint is gently twisted as it rises vertically, rotating to guide visitors towards the kiosk. the structure controls the entry and exit point while providing surveillance of the park during the day. Strips of lumber are wrapped horizontally around the perimeter securing ground level windows and regulating thermal gain along the south facing elevations. planed larch planks are spaced at even intervals and aligned from surface to surface. components are joined at the inclined corners or concealed with edging at the payment entrance. Above the ticket machines, a wooden canopy extends to protect customers with integrated lighting at night. How to achieve the batten effect Woodform suggest using the Concept Click batten system in Spotted Gum. Download the brochure here. Contact us for more information. Note: Woodform did not supply any products to this project. The purpose of displaying this project is to inform and inspire designers on what is happening around the world. Parking Attendant’s PavilionParking Attendant’s PavilionParking Attendant’s PavilionParking Attendant’s Pavilion