When our company receives a call from someone at Woods Bagot a buzz of excitement ripples through the office. We have collaborated with the team at Woods Bagot on several innovative projects over the years, and we enjoy working in partnership with them because they are a forward-thinking company that not only pushes the boundaries of architecture on a holistic level, but are also recognised in the industry for the level of sophistication and detail they bring to their designs. True to form, Woods Bagot contacted us with four more boundary-pushing timber batten texture designs. Moving beyond the traditional linear textures employed by the majority of designers when using this medium, Woods Bagot decided to innovate with the material and created some tension in the design (which also created a little bit of tension in our office too, in the bustle of activity that took place as we brainstormed various ways of bringing the project to fruition).

Free Download: Concept Click Brochure

Click the following link to download free Concept Click Brochure with examples of Concept Click in action, full range of timbers, and detailed information to help with your next design project.


NAB Melbourne. Woods Bagot The ambitious vision for these unusual designs was realised using the Concept Click system, an innovative system of timber batten linings that enabled us to recreate the design flexibility required, in a way that fell well within all budgetary and time constraints. All the necessary modular components of the Concept Click system are machined to the exact specifications off-site, and once delivered requires a simple installation process that saves time, minimises the risk of error and avoids any inconvenience on-site. NAB Melbourne. Concept Click Timber Battens The results speak for themselves: the unexpected lines and angles create a dynamic sense of movement and energy, creating a focal point of visual interest and texture. These stunning interiors are the satisfying end-result to another successful collaboration with Woods Bagot, and another triumph of innovative design brought to life using the Concept Click system.