Sculptform is Woodform Architectural’s online tool created to streamline your specification and tendering process by providing real-time pricing, specification data and CAD files for your custom sequence.

While Sculptform is designed to be simple and easy to use, we understand using any new tool can be daunting. To help designers and tenderers understand what Sculptform is capable of, we have created a series of short tutorial videos. Watch our videos below to see how Sculptform can help you, for any further questions about using Sculptform on your projects, try our live online chat available on Sculptform or call 1800 008 828. 

Try Sculptform yourself here


Designing with Sculptform is easy, a simple drag and drop interface allows anyone to create their own custom sequence.



Sculptform allows any combination of profiles and materials to be combined into your custom sequence. Specification information is generated in real time as changes are made to your design. 

Real time pricing allows you to keep track of how your sequence fits into budget with our guaranteed square metre rates. These rates include all trims and componentry required for our systems as well as free freight across Australia. 

Watch our video above to see how to create your own custom sequence in Sculptform.

Try Sculptform yourself here