Achieve a premium look for less with Sculptform

Value management, or value engineering, is the process of changing aspects of a design to meet both aesthetic and budget requirements. Sculptform was created to allow designers and installers to create and cutomise a design while receiving pricing and specification data in real time. 


Watch our video above to see how the projects below are re-created in Sculptform in both a premium and value managed version. While Woodform offers a range of premium materials, often a similar design intent can be achieved for a lower cost by changing some aspects of the sequence. Sculptform allows complete customisation of a sequence, and provides real time pricing to allow users to make fully informed design decisions. 



The sequence above, a suspended ceiling installed in an apartment building, uses a premium timber in Burnt Ash. While this provides the exact look envisioned by the designer, it drives the price up. By swapping to a species such as Spotted Gum and a few other small changes , a similar look can be achieved but for a fraction of the cost. In our example the price changes from $669.85 per square metre to $256.95. This is a saving of $412.90 per square metre. 

To put this in context, a project which requires 300sqm of the sequence would save $123,960.00


Our next sequence shown in the video uses 60x32mm Flute Concept Click battens in a Queensland hospital. Again the species used is a premium American White Oak, which combined with thicker battens, drives the price up. By simply swapping the species to Victorian Ash, which looks quite similar - and changing the battens to 60x19mm, we can create drastically lower the square metre rate.

In this case just changing those two attributes of the sequence has resulted in a saving of $282.57 per square metre, or in a 300 square metre project, a saving of $84,771.00


Create your own custom sequence in Sculptform today to receive: 

  • 3D visualisation of your designs
  • Instant  $/m2 rate calculator 
  • Save designs and share them with others
  • Instant specification table
  • Order samples of your design
  • Download CAD files to integrate into your model

*Recommended browser to use Sculptform is Google Chrome. 

*Prices are subject to change, be sure to check Sculptform for live and updated pricing.