Fire compliance has become a major topic in the design community over the last few years, with regulations undergoing reform and many designers being confused about what they should and shouldn't specify. 


Woodform Architectural's Concept Click Batten System allows designers to quickly and easily specify amazing feature ceilings. Even with this simple specification process, fire regulations add a layer of complexity that designers and installers often don't have time to account for. 


To make specifying fire compliant ceilings fast and simple, we have provided a range of options below using Woodform products which are guaranteed to meet Group 1 fire rating requirements. 


Genuine Timber Veneered Aluminium

The perfect option which takes advantage of the strength and fire rating of Aluminium, while still giving the warm aesthetic only timber can provide. 

This ceiling installed in Kathmandu Chermside, designed by The Retail Group, takes full advantage of the natural looking timber veneer, while still meeting Group 1 fire requirements. Aluminium allows for lengths of up to 6 metres, which minimises joins on the large interior ceiling.



Timber-look Veneered Aluminium 

This timber look option is a more robust and cost-effective version of genuine timber veneer. Offering much more resistant to the elements, they are available in both internal and external varieties providing an option for designers which can withstand the harshest of conditions. 

This exterior ceiling at FV Peppers Residences below, designed by Elenberg Fraser, uses the colour Painted Charcoal in the timber look veneered aluminium range. The environmental factors this area is exposed to mean that a timber look veneer is a great option due to its ability to withstand these conditions while maintaining its original colour. 


Powder Coated Aluminium

Powder Coated Aluminium is an ever-reliable option for ceilings which require a Group 1 fire rating. Strong, light and available in a huge range of colours, Aluminium always receives a Group 1 fire rating.

The Vision Australia offices in Kooyong uses both black and white Powder Coated Aluminium to provide strong linear textures which enlarge the space visually while perfectly matching the established aesthetic. Designers ECM Group and Hot Black used alternating colours provide accents within the open space, highlighting certain areas of interest. 


Anodised Aluminium

A minimum maintenance, highly durable coating, which again is a guaranteed Group 1 fire rated product. Anodised Aluminium offers a unique aesthetic not available through other finishes with a large range of different colours. 

This ceiling at 201 Kent Street Sydney designed by Architectus Sydney uses Anodised Aluminium with a beautiful Amber Gold finish. This matches the palette of the interior and provides an understated feature ceiling which suits the space flawlessly.


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