Sculptform, our new specification and visualisation tool has revolutionised the way designers and installers gather pricing and specification information on future projects.

Expression Cladding is the newest system to be introduced to Sculptform, complete with all pricing and specification information. Any custom cladding sequence a designer can think of can now be visualised, priced and specified in minutes. 



Often overshadowed by the massive amounts of data provided, the visualisation aspect of Sculptform is a tool which provides designers with a 3D render of their unique design. No more generic renders which require clients to imagine how the finished product will look, Sculptform provides a render which changes in real time to match your design. With unique colours and textures for each timber species, each design is true to our finished product. 



Design intent and budget often clash, particularly early on in the design process. The key to keeping projects under budget is information - keeping designers informed every step of the way eliminates nasty surprises later on in the process. Sculptform provides instant pricing, which updates with every change to the sequence. If a sequence option is coming in over budget, different species, sizes and profiles can be tinkered with until both design intent and budget are met. 


Specification Information

As a designer, specifying which products to use is the best way to ensure design intent is met. An airtight specification can prevent product substitution, ensuring a project satisfies the standards of the client. Sequences, profiles, species and more are all included in the specification table, easily exportable as a PDF document. 


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