Designers having to resort to joiners custom-building their more adventurous timber batten designs is now a thing of the past. Recently available in the market are Concept Click prefabricated battens in shapes that go beyond traditional square and rectangular profiles. These new shapes—and the architectural expressions they impart—are expanding the possibilities of ceiling and wall design.

Instead of the usual right-angled protrusions, for example, designers can now instead opt to line surfaces with more sophisticated batten shapes such as the convex “Dome” and the concave “Flute.” These shapes project smoothly undulating patterns simply not possible with the boxlike profiles of previously available battens.

Flute Batten Shape Concept Click

Even more intriguing for designers beyond the recent accessibility of new timber batten shapes is the ability to incorporate the same basic shape into a single sequence—but alternated in varying dimensions. “Peak” timber battens, for instance, already distinguish themselves with their interesting trapezium-like angles. 

Now consider how an entirely new perception of depth can be achieved by, say, arranging “Peak” timber battens in the following order within a sequence: 32x60 mm, 32x32 mm, 32x32 mm, and 32x42 mm. The image below gives us a glimpse of how modifying the width and height of a particular batten shape—and then assembling them in creative sequences—can give life to a unique wall and ceiling geometry. Designs like this can be designed by anyone on Woodform Architecturals new online visualisation tool Scultpform.

Concept Click Peak Shape battens