Declare Label was officially launched in Australia in April this year and we are keen to investigate this voluntary self-disclosure program aimed at shining a light on where a product comes from, what it is made of and where it goes at the end of its life.

The philosophy of Declare Label is based around accountability and responsibility and as a steward of our products we have a keen focus on materials with minimal human and environmental impacts. With Declare Label still in its infancy here in Australia we are gathering as much knowledge as we can to consider our position on its transparent platform and products database, which have the potential to significantly change the materials marketplace.

Consumers are seeking increased reassurance around products they love and today’s customer is calling for a greater understanding of the health impacts from building materials; we recognise that choosing a product is now as much about human and environmental health considerations as it is about cost and aesthetics. This relates directly to the WELL Building Standard (WELL) introduced by the International WELL Building Standard Institute whose mission is to improve human health and well-being in buildings and communities across the world.

The WELL standard is based on the philosophy that because we spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, our work environment – where we spend the most time – can directly impact our health and well-being.We know design is integral to the ‘health’ of a built environment, and the WELL standard, developed by both building designers and doctors, is now seen to be as important as well-known sustainable building standards such as Green Star and Leading in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The challenge, of course, is to balance the needs of people with the environment and not to deliver one at the expense of the other. Our job is to consider all frameworks and weigh up all considerations, environmental and human, and guide our customers in the right direction.

Similarly, Declare Label aims to encourage manufacturers and designers to exercise leadership within the growing movement toward greater transparency and to foster a simpler process around label declaration for materials specification and product selection, which ultimately leads to project certification in line with the most advanced green building standards in the world. Verification of Declare Label is carried out by The International Living Future Institute who sets standards and requirements in collaboration with approved third-party assessors, offering an additional level of confidence and reducing risks via reviews of product ingredients, supply chain information and Declare Label claims.

The International Living Future Institute states it has 15 projects already registered in Australia and more than 300 projects worldwide. They explain that Declare Label is for:

  • manufacturers looking for a competitive edge and a new point-of-entry into world leading regenerative projects, and
  • informed designers wanting to stay up-to-date on the latest supply chain platforms, including Red List toxic chemicals.

So what does Declare Label mean for Woodform?

Declare Label is just one of the many tools we can utilise in our mission to consider with care the personal health and well-being of our clients, while still prioritising our commitment to the health of our environment. Essentially, Declare Label has arrived and the industry is sitting up and taking notice.  And those interested in a more transparent way of utilising products that are non-toxic and non-harmful to human health will be hoping it’s here to stay.


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