We’re excited this week here at Woodform Architectural for the launch of our new Acoustic Blade Range.

Our Acoustic Blade Range may not have a timber look, or the strength of aluminium, but punches well above its weight for customisability and we know our clients love to create their own look when it comes to any combination of profile, depth and colour.

Consisting of acoustic PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) panels, our blades integrate perfectly with Woodform’s flagship Concept Click system and provide an impressive accent when used in combination with our Timber and Aluminium Battens. See our new range of  colours below.

Demand from designers has inspired Woodform to create this range, which offers 11 stunning colours and is best used for interior ceilings. It comes with a swag of benefits including up to 90 per cent sound absorption, customisable shapes and seamless integration when using the Concept Click system.

Installation of the range is also super easy, as the blades fit snugly into our custom spine, which click into the clip similar to a batten. In addition, bars in the spine prevent the acoustic blade from disconnecting.

The most exciting aspect of this range, along with the timber and aluminium accompaniments, is its available on Sculptform – our online visualisation and specification tool. The ability to customise and play with a design is an important aspect of creating for all designers, which is why Woodform created Sculptform, launched in May 2017. 

Sculptform – design without limits – assists designers and architects in the decision-making process for both spacing and materials and takes into consideration important issues relating to price, acoustics, fire rating and aesthetics.It creates a unique platform to play and create customised designs, and incorporates our huge range of materials, including our much-loved and aforementioned Concept Click System.

Our new Acoustic Blade Range comes via leading Chinese-based polyester fibre material manufacturer, Burgeree. These guys create functional and decorative non-toxic, acoustic and thermal-insulation products and are on a mission to ‘enhance living quality’ through their products.

Burgeree’s sound absorption panel has recently been listed in the Green Construction Material Catalogue allowing this product to now carry the Green Construction Selected Product trademark.

Bergeree specialises in products that are acoustic, eco friendly, fire retardant, aesthetic, innovative and recyclable, and it was an easy decision for Woodform to partner with them on our Acoustic Blade Range.  




For more information on this range read more here or experience our online design, visualisation and specification tool, Sculptform.