Pricing is one of the most critical factors in the construction industry, that's why we have decided to make things easier.


Feature lining systems are traditionally sold per linear metre, but here at Woodform Architectural we like to challenge tradition. Our new costing system is revolutionising pricing for our products, while streamlining the process for our customers.  

Here are 3 ways that our new pricing system benefits you - It is Simpler, Faster and Risk-free. 



Our guaranteed square metre rates are calculated using our online specification and visualisation tool - Sculptform. This tool is available to everyone, and provides real time square metre rates for any Woodform product. All tenderers need to do to get a price for their project is to multiply the square metre rate by the number of square metres on the project. 

Although this does involve some maths, this process is much more straightforward than other pricing systems. This price includes all standard trims and componentry required for our system. To make things even easier, this price also includes free freight to site anywhere in Australia.



Our square metre rate pricing is also quicker and more accessible than ever before. Available to anyone through Sculptform, our pricing is instant and changes in real time with your sequence. Instant pricing of designs allows designers to budget for projects, and tenderers looking to quote woodform products, will get quotes more quickly and accurately. Fast quote turnaround is good, but it doesn't compare to the immediate access to guaranteed pricing Sculptform provides. 



Our guaranteed square metre pricing provides a whole new level of peace of mind. Once a square metre rate has been provided, Woodform is committed to that price for your entire project. After plans are submitted, and we have quoted a full bill of materials for your required area, we will ensure installers have all the necessary materials.


To try it for yourself in Sculptform, click here. 

*Exclusions: Price excludes, any custom corner/edging treatment, flashing, installation, substrates, hangers and TCR for suspended ceilings and fixings for substrate.