Garema Crt, Canberra The uniqueness of American hardwood lies in the fact that virtually none of them are alike; each species has its own distinct features of colour and grain, and there is no other country in the world that offers such an extensive and diverse catalogue of beautiful timbers.

Renowned for its distinctive grain pattern and ability to stain, white oak is one of the most popular and well-known hardwood timbers.

Equally respected for their aesthetic appeal and quality of finish are the warm, brown tones of black walnut and the clear, white tones of aspen.

American hardwood is the most sustainable building material, with annual growth exceeding harvested trees by a ratio of almost two to one in each of the 33 hardwood producing US states.

Responsible forest management provides a self-sustaining supply of timber with limited environmental impact: an acre of trees can remove approximately 13 tonnes of dust and gases from the atmosphere.

Factoring for import to Australia, American hardwoods remain a carbon negative material, due to the volume of carbon stored within the timber. Aspen (Wood Marsh)This project accentuates some of the key features of aspen; the light tones of the wood create a crisp and clean finish, forming a consistent neutral backdrop that evokes a resort feel with its relaxed sense of space and light. Burnt Ash (Allied Design) Burnt ash creates a distinctive chocolate brown finish, with warm tones and unique texture from the pitted grain structure. The high durability and long-term stability of burnt ash make it an ideal choice for contemporary designs and exteriors. American White Oak (BVN Donovan Hill) The consistent honey tones of white oak create a warm and inviting space that has timeless appeal. Ideal for corporate interiors, white oak has a reassuring solidity that evokes sophistication; a formal space which is also relaxed and welcoming. Limed White Oak (Baldasso Cortese) This youthful and energetic space is the perfect showcase for limed white oak as a cost-effective and easy-to-work with material. This versatile hardwood takes stain incredibly well, without losing the distinctive grain that is its trademark. Black Walnut (Studio 101) The even tones, warmth and tight delicate grain of black walnut lend this project a wonderful tactile quality that enhances the user experience. With great acoustic qualities, black walnut facilitates the organic flow of sound within the space. American White Oak (Woods Bagot) American white oak creates a clean, crisp and contemporary finish, which is evident in the sleek lines of the curved wall. The slightly pitted grain adds texture and tactile interest to the warm golden tones. American White Oak (Woods Bagot) The light, neutral tones of American white oak are the perfect choice in this light-filled atrium. Opening up the space, the interplay between the warm tones of timber and the luminescent quality of natural light creates a striking contrast. American White Oak (Design Monkey) This striking feature wall adds warmth and texture to the space, illustrating the ease with which American white oak accepts stains in a wide variety of shades – light, medium and dark - whilst maintaining the unique grain pattern, which is still clearly visible.