Concept Click Aluminium battens represent simplicity in design, adding clean and defined linear texture to spaces via a simple three-part modular system that is flexible, easy to install and available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Concept Click Aluminium Battens by Bates Smart The only aluminium baffle system with unlimited spacing options, Concept Click offers a superior finish, with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of custom screening designs and suspended ceilings.

There are three components to the Concept Click Aluminium batten system:

Concept Click Aluminium Battens 1) The Ontrax

Available in set lengths with pre-indexed and pre-riveted clips created to your individual specifications, the “Ontrax” is the supporting track for the battens.

Concept Click Aluminium Ceiling Battens 2) The acoustics

Acoustic backing is a standard inclusion with the Concept Click system, negating the requirement for plasterboard backing to be installed. The black 7mm acoustic board is also available in a wide range of colours.

Concept Click Aluminium Ceiling Battens 3) The battens

Concept Click aluminium baffles have a simple “one click” action to secure the battens clip in place. They are supplied with matching end caps, which are easily inserted into the ends of the battens for a seamless finish.

Concept Click aluminium battens enable custom design with speed and flexibility, keeping onsite works to a minimum and creating a world of infinite possibility.