Alden Biesen Cultural Centre

Enhancing the character and sense of place of the historic 16th century castle Landcommandery Alden Biesen, the belgium firm a2o architecten have contributed a wooden storage house and a new master plan for the site.

The historic cultural centre is located in Bilzen, Belgium, a tourist attraction and meeting point for international networking, there is also a seminar and conference space.

The varied and complex building, has a strong interaction between the past and the present.

The brief asked for: 'Drafting a vision for an overall approach to which both present and future interventions in alden biesen can be related, in order to be able to add a meaningful layer to this historic site.'

The plan was based on a number of general principles around the sensory experience of visiting a heritage site -unlocking the building's essence, translating this into a realistic proposal for the monument and incorporating the surrounding exceptional landscape. a small wooden storage house linked to the existing configuration of historic buildings is part of this overall vision.

The new volume is an extension and provides a practical use: a storage area for the machinery and tools used for the maintenance of the public estate, however the building distinguishes itself through its abstraction and materials.

Constructed with a steel frame, wooden elements complete the shape with large folding doors making the machinery easily accessible.

A modest structure within the historic setting and landscape, the storage space is flexible and can be disassembled if necessary.

How to achieve the batten effect

The easiest and most cost effective way to realise this would be to use Concept Click. It's a system of pre-mounted spring steel fixing clips which grasp specially profiled battens in a simple push on 'click' action. 

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Note: Woodform did not supply any products to this project. The purpose of displaying this project is to inform and inspire designers on what is happening around the world. Courtesy of

Alden Biesen Cultural CentreAlden Biesen Cultural CentreAlden Biesen Cultural Centre