Expression Cladding is designed to be a complete tongue and groove system. By introducing modern profiles, multi-depth options and a range of timbers and finishes, Expression Cladding offers the designer true freedom of expression.

Still not convinced? Here are a few of the reasons Expression Cladding is the worlds most refined cladding system.

1. Multi-Depth Cladding 

Expression Cladding allows designers to turn traditional cladding into a feature by implementing Woodform Architectural's custom profiles. The Queenscliff and Sorrento profiles provide a unique twist on conventional cladding, where the Element profile truly brings an extra dimension by incorporating battens into the cladding system. Easy to install and simple to specify, this batten-look cladding gives designers more options than ever before.   


2. End-Matching Options

The process of end-matching has benefits for both installer and designer, as well as improving the look of the finished product. 

End-matched cladding is machined with a tongue and groove system on the ends, which allows boards to be joined anywhere, not just on the stud. This increased flexibility hides joins more effectively and drastically reduces wastage, making the system cheaper and more appealing aesthetically. 

End-matching also makes Expression Cladding waterproof, increasing the range of external areas it can be used. The installation process is faster than the standard cladding, with significantly less cutting involved. 


3. Hidden Fixings

Expression Cladding is known for its visual appeal - A large part of which is the hidden fixing system. Expression Cladding's tongue and groove system overlaps, hiding all fixings and maintaining a clean, uniform look over the entire surface. 


4. Yakisugi Charred Cladding

The most visually striking member of the Expression Cladding Family, Yakisugi Charred Cladding is a modern take on an ancient formula. 

Yakisugi Charred Cladding takes the refined features of Expression Cladding and incorporates them into the ancient Japanese technique of Yakisugi (or Shou Sugi Ban). By charring the surface level of the timber, Yakisugi Charred Cladding provides a unique aesthetic which doubles as a protective layer. Available in 4 options including two species and varying degrees of char, Yakisugi Charred Cladding is a unique alternative to traditional timber cladding. 


5. Instant Pricing available in Sculptform 

When specifying a cladding product, having as much information as possible is vital. A highly detailed specification ensures design intent is met and allows builders and installers to know exactly how the finished product should look. Sculptform is Woodform Architectural's pricing and specification tool, designed to provide detailed, accurate pricing and specification information in real time.  

By delivering pricing and specification data instantly, Sculptform allows designers to create and change their sequence until they know they have the perfect option. 

Once they have exactly what they want, DWG downloads of the custom sequence are available, along with a PDF containing all the specification data.


6. Proprietary aluminium stops and corner solutions

Attention to detail is an area where Expression Cladding excels. With features such as the starter extrusion and proprietary corner solutions, the system caters to the design intent - rather than the other way around. 


7. Factory finished timber

Expression Cladding offers customisability within every aspect, and finishes to the timber are no exception. With a huge range of species and finishes available, Expression Cladding has the capability to achieve almost any look required.