For those looking for ways to use real timber yet minimise maintenance, there is no better time to embrace a timber soffit or canopy. These overhead features can do more than just protect the exterior, they can add powerful visual interest and give a clean, finished look to your design.


Besides being highly visual, soffits and canopies are protected from the elements. This means that large expanses of timber can be used, adding to the ambiance of the architecture without impacting on maintenance requirements. UV is what causes natural timber to silver off and coating systems to break down. By using these techniques below, you can create awe-inspiring designs to make a powerful statement.


Geometric soffits

In addition to evoking emotion from the timber, adding angles and alternating linear direction of your features gives you that added wow factor.

1. Epping Station   |   Architect: Cox Architecture,  System: Expression Cladding,  Species: Blackbutt,  Photographer: Dianna Snape

2. Ernie Cropley Pavilion   |   Architect: Cox Architecture,  System: Expression Cladding,  Species: Pacific Teak,  Photographer: Kristian Gehradte

3. Willinga Park   |   Architect: Cox Architecture,  System: Expression Cladding,  Species: Blackbutt,  Photographer: Alina Gozin'a




There are many ways to customise the traditional eave. Whether you choose our Expression Cladding or our Concept Click System, even a simple batten sequence can make a powerful statement.

Sorrento House   |   Architect: Brynor Constructions in conjunction with Saaj Design and Steve Ross Architects,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Blackbutt,  Photographer: Steve Scalone


Tubbs View & Hamilton Corner   |   Architect: Bates Smart,  Species: Spotted Gum,  Photographer: Brett Boardman



Curved Canopies and Soffits

Our Concept Click System makes it easy to create spectacular curved features with its flexible batten fixing track. 

1&3. Green Square Community Precinct   |   Architect: Peter Stutchbury Architecture,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Blackbutt,  Photographer: Michael Nicholson Photography

2. Glenunga International High School   |   Architect: Michael Ong Design,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Spotted Gum,  Photographer: Lightly Salted



Seamless Indoor/outdoor Transition

A growing trend of seamless indoor/outdoor transition is a great way to bring the outdoors into a building. Timber ceiling/soffit combination is a powerful look and Woodform are the experts for advice on how to achieve it with awesome results.

Bellevue Hill House   |   Architect:  Sydesign,  System: Expression Cladding,  Species: Spotted Gum,  Photographer: Neil Fenlon Photography


Point Lonsdale Beach House   |   Architect:  Hayball Architects,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Spotted Gum



Framed Canopies

Framing a timber canopy can soften and naturalise a modern or industrialised look giving emphasis to the beauty of the timber.

Australian Embassy Bangkok   |   Architect: BVN Architecture,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Spotted Gum,  Photographer: John Gollings


356 Collins   |   Architect: Woods Bagot,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Spotted Gum,  Photographer: Shannon McGrath



More Inspirational Designs


Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services   |   Architect: Cox Architecture,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Acoustic Blades (internal),  Photographer: Lightforge Photography


Blue Fin Fishing Club   |   Architect: Inaspace Architects,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Spotted Gum


Maitland Riverlink   |   Architect: CHROFI,  Landscape: McGregor Coxall,  System: Concept Click,  Species: Blackbutt,  Photographer: Simon Wood Photography



Woodform Architectural offers two proprietary systems that make installing and designing Soffits and Canopies easy. 


Concept Click System

No one enjoys working above their heads. Woodform provides a Concept Click batten system that is quick and easy to install when working with soffits, whilst offering superior appearance and performance.


Expression Cladding

Soffits largely escape both rain and sun, so finishes last a long time. Expression Cladding is a waterproof skin that can be continued from inside ceilings to outside soffits, using an exterior-grade coating. Using a combination of cladding board sizes, your own unique signature can be stamped on any design.


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